ProgressBar is a process status indicator.

import ProgressBar from 'primevue/progressbar';

ProgressBar is used with the value property.


<ProgressBar :value="50"></ProgressBar>

Value is reactive so updating it dynamically changes the bar as well.

<ProgressBar :value="value"></ProgressBar>

Custom content inside the ProgressBar is defined with the default slot.


<ProgressBar :value="40"> {{ value }}/100 </ProgressBar>

For progresses with no value to track, set the mode property to indeterminate.

<ProgressBar mode="indeterminate" style="height: 6px"></ProgressBar>

Screen Reader

ProgressBar components uses progressbar role along with aria-valuemin, aria-valuemax and aria-valuenow attributes. Value to describe the component can be defined using aria-labelledby and aria-label props.

<span id="label_status" />
<ProgressBar aria-labelledby="label_status" />

<ProgressBar aria-label="Status" />

Keyboard Support

Not applicable.