At PrimeTek, we are passionate about improving PrimeVue and would like to share our ideas for 2024 with the community. These are planned to be implemented in parallel to the regular maintenance work of the library involving review of issue tickets, PRs and PrimeVue PRO support.


New Styled Mode

Move theming into core to replace sass repo.

CSS Variables

Implement figma design tokens as CSS variables instead of SCSS.

Tailwind CSS Presets

Provide presets for the entire UI suite.

New Components

Layout components, Typography, Meter, Drawer, Content for Steps...

Form States

Add filled and invalid props to form components.

RTL Mode

RTL support for the UI components.

Drag Drop Utils

Drag and Drop utilities.

Advanced Components

Sheet, Event Calendar.

Advanced Components

Gantt Chart, Flow Chart.

Figma UI Kit

New Figma Tokens

Update tokens to sync with the new styled mode.

Figma to Theme API

Build the infrastructure to generate themes from Figma.



Add server backed data samples for data driven examples e.g. VirtualScroll, Lazy.


Blocks Update

Add 80+ New Blocks.

Tailwind Blocks

Port the entire Blocks to Tailwind.

Online App

Implement a SaaS app to access the blocks instead of an offline download.


New UI Theme

Brand new default theme with a modern and attractive design.

New UI Based Theme Editor

Advanced Theme Editor App with full control over the new Styled Theming API.