Community Support

Forum and Discord are where the community users gather to seek support, post topics and discuss the technology. GitHub issue is the channel for the community users to create tickets however PrimeTek does not guarantee a response time although they are monitored and maintained by our staff. If you need to secure a response, you may consider PRO support instead.

Professional Support

With PRO support, it's easy to support, tune, and add features to PrimeVue as an in-house library. With the exclusive services of a PRO account, you no longer need to post questions in the community forum and the community issue tracker at GitHub. Service is delivered via a private issue tracker based on a one-business-day response time.

Service Features
  • Private Issue Tracker
  • Response within 1 business day
  • Unlimited Number of Tickets
  • Hourly Support Model
  • 1 year term
  • Minimum 25 Hours for initiation
  • Up to 5 accounts
  • Maintenance for Any Version
  • New Features
  • POC implementations of a requirement
Buy Now
How It Works
  • 1. Purchase PRO Support
    Contact PrimeTek to purchase support.
  • 2. Setup
    A private repository with an exclusive issue tracker is created for you at GitHub.
  • 3. Request Support
    Create a ticket with a description of the issue and receive a reply within 1 business day.
  • 4. Estimate and Approval
    An estimate is provided to resolve the issue, upon your approval the PrimeTek team commences work.
  • 5. Resolution
    Issue is resolved and the approved hours are deducted from your account.
  • 6. Delivery
    If the issue requires an update in the library, it gets published to npm by as part of the public PrimeVue package. A patch update on an older version can also be requested if you are not using the latest version.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How many issue tracker accounts do we get?

We provide at most 5 accounts per organization.

What is the duration of the service?

Service ends either when all support hours are used or after 1 year.

What happens if we extend after 1 year and we have unused hours?

Unused hours expire and are not transferred to the new term.

What are hours used for?

Hours are utilized when creating tickets, filing defects, requesting enhancements, POC implementations of a use case and questions.

Are the changes delivered with a custom build?

No, changes become part of the PrimeVue core and pushed to the public npm package on next update.

Who provides the support service?

Support service is provided by the PrimeVue team at PrimeTek.

Is there a minimum hour requirement?

At least 25 hours are required to initiate the service.

What happens if the issue takes longer or shorter than the approved estimate?

The confirmed estimate is still used even if it takes longer to resolve the issue.

Can we request new features and enhancements?

Yes, initially the request needs to be approved by PrimeTek based on project roadmap fit. As a result, not all requests may be accepted.

What are the payment terms?

Payment in advance is required to initiate the service.

What payment methods are available?

Credit card and bank wire transfers are the available options.

We are a reseller, can we purchase this support for our client?

That is possible, the service will be provided to your client even if you are the contact in purchase process.